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OCI or OCI Company Ltd. (KRX: 010060) is a green energy and chemical company founded in 1959, with its head office in Seoul, South Korea. The company's name is an initialism of its former corporate name, Oriental Chemical Industries (Korean동양화학공업; Hanja東洋化學工業; RRDongyang Hwahak Gongyeop).

In 2012, it realized 3,218 billion KRW in revenues, more than 70% of total revenue generated abroad.

Main products of OCI include petro and coal chemicals, inorganic chemicals, and renewable energy products.

In 2011, OCI was awarded Best Performing Chemical Company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Asia Pacific Region as well as being receiving the first 'Green Company Certification' from the Korean government.

As of 2011, OCI operates in 6 countries, employing over 4,800 employees in over 20 overseas subsidiaries and regional branches.

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