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OFP La Rochelle-Maritime Rail Services
joint stock
Industry Logistics
Founded 12 October 2010[1]
Headquarters La Rochelle, France
Key people
Philippe Guillard (President)
Owner Euro Cargo Rail, Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle

OFP La Rochelle is a rail freight company; a joint venture between Euro Cargo Rail and the port of La Rochelle. The company's first operations began in October 2010.[2][3]


In December 2009 the NaviRail Atlantique was formed as an Opérateur Ferroviaire de Proximité - a type of short line railway company - and port railway operator for the port of La Rochelle;[4] the company was to be a joint venture between SNCF (49%) and the port (51%), however due to SNCF's doubts about the profitability of the enterprise formation the company was not finalised. Due to this the port authority sought an agreement with Euro Cargo Rail.[5]

In 2010 OFP La Rochelle was formed as a joint stock company;[note 1] with Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle contributing 75.1% of the share capital and Euro Cargo Rail 24.9%. It is responsible for short-haul freight operations around the port of La Rochelle. The first train, in October 2010, carried petroleum products to the Creuse.[6][7]

At start up the company had a fleet of two Vossloh G1000 and four Class 77 locomotives.[8] Potential traffic included cereal, forest and paper products, and petroleum; the company hoped to increase the modal share of traffic from the port from 7 to 10% by 2011.[9]

After one year of operation the company had transported 100 kilotonnes of freight.[10]


  1. ^ "OFP" Opérateur ferroviaire de proximité (French Opérateur ferroviaire de proximité), a type of Shortline railroad


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