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OGE Energy Corp. (OGE)
S&P 400 Component
IndustryEnergy, Natural Gas, Private utility
United States
Key people
[Sean Trauschke], President, Chairman of the Board & CEO
Keith Mitchell, COO
Stephen Merrill, CFO
ProductsElectricity, Natural Gas
Increase $387.60 million USD (2013)
Number of employees
Increase 3,269 (2013)[1]

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (branded as OG+E or "O-G-and-E") is a regulated electric utility company that serves over 843,000 customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas, including 1.5 million people in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.[2] It is the leading subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSEOGE), with headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City. OGE Energy is also the parent of Enogex Inc., a natural gas pipeline business. OGE Energy and its subsidiaries have about 3,100 employees.


OG&E was founded in 1902, five years before Oklahoma became a state. It merged with Enogex in 1986. In 1997, OG&E reorganized as a holding company, OGE Energy, with OG&E and Enogex (now part of Enable Midstream) as its operating companies.


OG&E Electric Services serves more than 850,000 customers in central and western Oklahoma and western Arkansas,[3] and has no current wholesale power commitments. OG&E, with seven power plants is capable of producing about 6,100 megawatts from fossil fuels, also owns three wind farms and two small solar farms. OG&E also has long-term power purchase agreements with three non-owned wind farms. In 2017 OG&E generated 54% of electricity from low-sulfur Wyoming coal and 39 percent from natural gas with the remaining 7 percent coming from renewables, mostly wind.[4]

OG&E owns roughly 450 megawatts of wind power. Under the plan announced on October 29, 2007, President and CEO Peter Delaney announced that wind power could be increased to about 770 MW.[5]

OG&E is the largest electric utility in the state of Oklahoma.[5] The company delivers all of its electricity across an interconnected transmission and distribution system spanning 30,000 square miles (78,000 km2). OG&E is a member of the Southwest Power Pool, a regional transmission operator spanning the Midwest from Texas to North Dakota.

OG&E was the first electric company in Oklahoma to offer wind power as a choice to its retail customers in 2003.[6] If one selects "wind power," they get the same electricity they were receiving before, but pay a higher price.

In December 2016, OG&E announced that it gave out $7.5 million in "energy efficiency incentives to businesses, schools and government buildings in 2016."[7] A total of 750 organizations benefited from the project. Secondary schools received around $650,000; universities received around $365,000. In one school district, 1 million kWh were cut down through energy-saving projects.[7]


Enogex is engaged in natural gas gathering, processing, transportation, storage and marketing. Enogex operates a natural gas pipeline system with about 8,000 miles (13,000 km) of pipe, six processing plants, and 23 billion cubic feet (650×10^6 m3) of gas storage capacity, principally in Oklahoma. In 2013, it was decided that Enogex would be merged with a portion of CenterPoint Energy's operations in a limited partnership to be called Enable Midstream Partners.[8]

OGE Energy Resources[edit]

OGE Energy Resources conducts the company's energy marketing and related activities. Operating in the national commodities markets for electricity and natural gas, Energy Resources' primary role is to optimize the generation, transmission and pipeline assets of OGE Energy.


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