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Organisation Intersex International - Europe
Abbreviation OII Europe
Formation December 2012
Type NGO
Purpose Intersex human rights
Region served
Dan Christian Ghattas and Miriam van der Have
Affiliations Organisation Intersex International
Website oiieurope.org

Founded in 2012 at the Second International Intersex Forum, Organisation Intersex International - Europe or OII Europe is the first European intersex NGO, and it brings together national and linguistic affiliates from around the European continent.[1][2]


The organisation aims to end "mutilating and 'normalising' practices such as genital surgeries" and selective abortion on grounds of intersex, and promote the human rights and full citizenship of intersex people. It aims to engage with state and non-governmental actors.[1][2]


OII Europe registered as an NGO in Germany in September 2015, with an executive board and a steering board.[3] Founder co-chairs are Dan Christian Ghattas[4] and Miriam van der Have.[5] Spokespeople also include Kitty Anderson.[6]


Along with ILGA-Europe, the organisation contributed to Resolution 1952 (2013) of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, on Children's Right to Physical Integrity, adopted in October 2013.[7][8] The organisation was described by Council of Europe Rapporteur Marlene Rupprecht as "Europe’s leading intersex organisation".[9] The organisation also opposes mandatory classifications of intersex infants to a third classification, arguing that it may increase the likelihood of medical "normalisation".[10][11]

OII Europe has published a guide to "Standing up for the human rights of intersex people" in collaboration with ILGA-Europe. It is available in English, French and Turkish.[12][13][14] On Intersex Solidarity Day 2016, OII Europe launched a new visibility website, InterVisibility.eu, with material on intersex in 23 European languages.[15][16]


OII Europe is affiliated to Organisation Intersex International, and a member of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

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