OK, Il Prezzo è Giusto!

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OK, Il Prezzo è Giusto
Presented by Gigi Sabani (1983 - 1986)
Iva Zanicchi (1987 - 2000)
Emanuela Folliero (1999)
Maria Teresa Ruta (2000 - 2001)
Country of origin  Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of seasons 21
No. of episodes 3,466
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Italia 1 (1983–1987)
Canale 5 (1988–1996)
Rete 4 (1996–2001)
Picture format Color
Original release 21 December 1983 – 13 April 2001

OK, Il Prezzo è Giusto! ("OK! The Price Is Right") is an Italian adaptation of the American game show The Price Is Right that aired on Mediaset, It was hosted by Gigi Sabani, Iva Zanicchi, Emanuela Folliero and Maria Teresa Ruta. It first premiered in 21 December 1983 and canceled in 13 April 2001. The show used similar gameplay format to the American version, although at the two last seasons altered the format to use the British One-Player showcase format.

Pricing Games[edit]

The name of the original pricing game in the US version is given in parentheses. Many of these follow the same rules and gameplay as the US version; for details, see List of The Price Is Right pricing games.

  • 10 Chances (Ten Chances)
  • 2 Al Prezzo di 1 (2 For The Price Of 1)
  • 2 Metà (Money Game)
  • 3 X (3 Strikes)
  • Abbinamento (It's in the Bag)
  • Accoppiata (Pick-A-Pair)
  • Alveare (Spelling Bee)
  • Assegno in Bianco (Check Game)
  • Astronave (On The Nose)
  • Black-Jack (Hit Me)
  • Blocca il Prezzo (Freeze Frame)
  • Bowling (Le Bowling)
  • Cambio (Switcheroo)
  • Campana (One Away)
  • Caro Prezzo (Most Expensive)
  • Carta Di Credito (Credit Card)
  • Carta Vincente (Card Game)
  • Cassaforte (Safe Crackers)
  • Centro (Bullseye)
  • Check-Out
  • Chiave Magica (Master Key)
  • Colpo Sicuro (Hole In One)
  • Conchiglia (Shell Game)
  • Corsa Il Prezzo (Race Game)
  • Cover Up
  • Esploratore (Pathfinder)
  • Formichina (Super Savers)
  • Fai La Mossa Giusta (Make Your Move)
  • Febbre Dell'Oro (Range Game)
  • Gioco dei Dadi (Dice Game)
  • Gioco dell'8 (Lucky Seven)
  • Grande Gioco/Vinci Gli Zeri (Grand Game)
  • Il Tempo è Denaro (Clock Game)
  • Inflazione (Now...Or Then)
  • Jolly (Bonus Game)
  • Jukebox (Le Jukebox)
  • Mini Market (Grocery Game)
  • Numero Magico (Magic Number)
  • Occhio Al Prezzo (I) (Double Prices)
  • Occhio Al Prezzo (II) (One Right Price)
  • Offerta Speciale (Barker's Bargain Bar)
  • Più o Meno (Hi-Lo)
  • Poker (Poker Game)
  • Plinko
  • Prendere o Lasciare (Give Or Keep)
  • Prova del 5 (Five Price Tags)
  • Punchingball (Punch-A-Bunch)
  • Salvadanaio (Any Number)
  • Scogliera (Cliff Hangers)
  • Solo Due (Take Two)
  • Squeeze (Squeeze Play)
  • Superball
  • Telefono Casa (Phone Home Game)
  • Tentazione (Temptation)
  • Trappola (Danger Price)
  • Tris (Secret X)
  • Via Dell'Oro (Golden Road)

OK! Exclusives[edit]

  • Chi Due
  • Girasole
  • Grande Menu
  • Le Stelle In Gioco
  • Super Vincita


The showcase was largely played like the American Version, hoping that the contestant make the closest bid without going over, and awarding both showcases to a player who came within ₤100,000. Between 1999 and 2001, the showcase was played in the same way of the UK/European version, with random ranges between 500,000 (258.23) and ₤2,000,000 (€1032.91), hoping that their bid fell within the selected range of the actual price without going over.