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OMAS is an Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, fountain pens, ink and related luxury goods, founded in 1925. Their products are in the upper price range of writing instruments and are still manufactured in their factory located in Bologna Italy.

OMAS stands for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni. The company was founded by Armando Simoni, who also designed the tools and equipment needed to manufacturer the OMAS line of pens.

OMAS manufactures a variety of pens, the top line being the faceted Arte Italiana range, as well as a variety of limited edition pens, including the "Doctor's pen" (which has a tiny built-in clinical thermometer). The largest size pen currently manufactured as a non-limited edition is the Paragon, the second largest being the Milord. The Arte Italiana range was updated in 2005 possibly at requests that the Paragon (being the top-of the line pen) was too small. The Milord model became the size of the pre-2005 Paragon model. OMAS continues to release Limited editions based on their earlier style pens.

In 2000, the French company LVMH acquired OMAS. It was the only writing instrument company in its suite of companies. In October 2007 the Xinyu Hengdeli Group of Hong Kong purchased 90% equity stake in OMAS. Xinyu has a strategic partnership with LVMH and plans to use OMAS for its expansion of luxury goods in the Asia market.

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