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OMS or Oms may refer to:





Oceanside Motorsports - BMW Specialist - Oceanside, CA

Science and technology[edit]

  • Office Mobile Service — Microsoft Office Mobile Service (OMS) is the messaging component developed for Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010. With OMS, users can integrate the mobile capabilities of Outlook and SharePoint with their mobile devices.
  • Oracle Management Server — an executable component of Oracle database servers
  • Orbital Maneuvering System — rocket engines used on the Space Shuttle orbiters
  • Order Management System — business software used in logistics for order entry and processing
  • Open Media Commons — an open-source internet group
  • Open Metering System — a standardization effort in the field of smart meter
  • Open Mobile System — the system used by OPhone
  • Open Music System — once widely used MIDI interface software
  • Optical Multiplex Section — the optical section layer that multiplexes wavelengths within the Optical Transport Network
  • Object Management Server — A technology created and used by Workday, Inc. for storing, accessing and manipulating data.
  • Outage management system — used by electricity operators to assist in restoring power
  • Object Mirroring System — Vision Solutions OMS is a subset of the VisionSuite product OMS/ODS for replication of DB2 database objects in a System-i (AS/400) environment.
  • OMs, an abbreviation for mesylate