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Founded 2005
Founder Joelle Berdugo-Adler
Type Non-governmental organization
Area served
12 countries
Mission Helping preserve the lives of children around the world

ONEXONE is a non-profit initiative based in Canada and the United States, founded by Samantha Brickman with the mission to preserve a basic quality of life for children locally and globally: because Hope Belongs to Everyone.


ONEXONE is dedicated to helping create a world where children can live safely and with dignity; every child has clean water to drink, enough food to eat, where no child suffers or succumbs to illness due to improper or insufficient medical care, where school and learning are a right and not a privilege and where every kid has the chance to just be a kid.

Since 2005 ONEXONE have raised over $12 million to support their initiatives in Canada, United States, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Haiti and more. Ambassadors Matt Damon, Frank McKenna and Board Member Edward Rogers III have traveled to these countries and more supporting our continued efforts. In spite of an ambitious start, the charity has been somewhat low key and scaled down since Matt Damon has exited and the expensive and lavish gala events ceased to exist. Well known celebrities and internet personalities occasionally are asked to perform during these events for publicity reasons. Internet personality Kurtis Conner recently performed at a ONEXONE event in August.[1]


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  • Philanthropy Conference Announces Aid for Haiti, Conference Announces Aid for Haiti

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