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OOplala Logo
OOplala.com screenshot taken in 2008
Type of business Private
Available in English
Founded 2006
Headquarters Arizona, USA
Key people Jimmy Yami
Alex Lann
Industry P2P service providers
Products OOp Torrent
Website www.OOplala.com
Registration Optional
Launched June 29, 2006
Current status Active

OOplala is an OOp Torrent provider for P2P users. OOplala offers the platform to all users around the world to exchange files.


The name of OOplala was inspired by the meaning of surprise:

Many people have asked about the meaning of the name. 'OOplala' was inspired by the meaning of Surprise. Surprise and Amusement.[this quote needs a citation]


OOplala started with simply an idea in the beginning of 2006. The spirit of OOplala is "The best price is free and should be free."[this quote needs a citation]

OOplala uses the "pay-per-click" model for advertising revenues.


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