Vela 5A

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Vela 5A
Vela 5A and 5B Separation.gif
Post-launch separation of Vela 5A and 5B
COSPAR ID1969-046D[1]
SATCAT no.3954
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass259 kilograms (571 lb)
Power120 W
Start of mission
Launch dateMay 23, 1969, 07:57:01 (1969-05-23UTC07:57:01Z) UTC
RocketTitan III-C 15
Launch siteCape Canaveral LC-41
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeHighly Elliptical
Semi-major axis117,689 kilometres (73,129 mi)
Perigee altitude29,122.4 kilometres (18,095.8 mi)
Apogee altitude193,514.6 kilometres (120,244.4 mi)
Period6,696.8 minutes (111.613 h)
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Vela 5B →

Vela 5A (also known Vela 9 and OPS 6909[2]) was an American reconnaissance satellite to detect explosions and nuclear tests on land and in space. It was released together with Vela 5B, OV5 5, OV5 6 and OV5 9.[3]


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