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ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering
המִכְלָלָה האָקָדֶמִית להַנְדָּסָה אורט בראודה
Aerial view, ORT Braude College (2006)
Students 5,500
Location Karmiel, Israel
Affiliations World ORT

ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering (Hebrew: המִכְלָלָה האָקָדֶמִית להַנְדָּסָה אורט בראודה, ha-mikhlala ha-akademit le-handasa ORT Braude‬) is established on a 30-acre (120,000 m2) area in the city of Karmiel, Israel.

The College’s geographic location is a direct response to national and regional needs: it serves as an academic, technological, and scientific center for the Galilee, increases the accessibility to higher education in the north of Israel.

At the present, there are more than 5500 students studying in Ort Braude – most of them are being trained for a B.Sc. degree in Engineering. . All of its educational programs are approved by the "council for higher education" of Israel,

Engineering Departments (B.Sc. academic degree)

  1. Mechanical Engineering;
  2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering;
  3. Industrial Engineering and Management;
  4. Software Engineering;
  5. Biotechnology Engineering;
  6. Information System Engineering;
  7. Optical Engineering

It takes four years on average to finish a B.Sc. academic degree (eight full-time semesters). Ort Braude believes in combination of practical abilities with academic knowledge, and therefore students from all engineering departments, except for software and information system, must complete a training period at an approved industrial company in Israel or abroad to be eligible for the B.Sc. Diploma. During this period, the student integrates into an engineering or a research team and gets an experience – something that will help the future engineer.

Degree in Applied Mathematics (B.Sc. academic degree)[edit]

In 2009, the Department of Mathematics opened a three-year (six full semesters) study program towards a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Applied Mathematics. The program consists of theoretical background, along with solutions of application oriented problems. This study program is designed to prepare the student for future employment by the demanding high-tech industries in Israel and worldwide.

Practical Engineering (Hebrew: הַנְדְּסַאי, handesaee‬)[edit]

A shorter, two year studying program. Its graduates get a certificate of completion signed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in next subjects: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Architecture and design, Medicinal Chemistry and Industrial Engineering and Management.

Pre-Academic studies[edit]

This department has two main streams:

  1. completion (or improvement) of matriculation exams – which is a prerequisite for attending any academic institute in Israel
  2. preparation for academic studies – suits best for those who has graduated from school long time ago and need to get prepared toward an academic degree.

Certificate studies[edit]

The Diploma Programs Unit offers courses that are supervised and controlled by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor. Eligible graduates are awarded certificates on behalf of the Ministry.


The Dorms are located inside the campus. There are more than 530 beds in apartments for 1, 2, or 5 students.


It is located at the main entrance to the college. It has books, brochures and electronically formatted material in the field of Engineering.

Student's union[edit]

The Union of ORT Braude College is a member of the Israeli student Organization. In the college, it is responsible for social life, academic help for those in need and representation of students in front of the College authorities in case of any need. The Union also runs an on campus bar – which is opened at nights.

Student exchange program[edit]

At present, there is cooperation between ORT Braude College and several international institutional such as the University of Pittsburgh, MIT, the University of Rochester, and many partners in China.

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