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OSCRE International
Abbreviation OSCRE
Motto "Transforming the way digital information drives your real estate business."
Type Non-Profit
Legal status 501(c)(6) corporation incorporated in the state of Florida, United States of America
Purpose "The development and implementation of digital real estate information standards to enable effective data governance practices."
Headquarters Orlando, FL USA
Region served
Fee Based
Official language
Lisa Stanley
Website http://www.oscre.org/

OSCRE International is a member-based Non-profit organization dedicated to the development and implementation of real estate standards for information exchange. OSCRE has created and published a number of XML data schemas for both corporate real estate and investment applications. The standard defines structured data sets digital applications may use in exchanging and sharing data that drives business decisions at every level of the organization.[1]

OSCRE - The Standards[edit]

The Business Case for OSCRE Standards[edit]

* Better information, better decisions, optimized performance
* Foundational to an information-enabled business model
* Speed and ease of integration and delivery
* Consistency, quality and accuracy of data
* Data for analytics and business intelligence
* Lower overall cost of ownership of information and systems
* Improved data governance and risk management
* Better workflows and process integration 
* Common definitions and metrics

The standards consist of real estate terms, definitions and rules that utilize a common data set and enable users to facilitate the transfer of data between end users, software developers, service providers, consultants and benchmarking and indexing services. It is a "single source of truth" approach to data collection and analytics that improves decision-making and an organization's performance. OSCRE website: <http://www.oscre.org/Implementing-the-Standards/Implementing-the-OSCRE-Data-Model>

OSCRE - The Organization[edit]

Membership Levels[edit]

  • Executive
  • Industry Partner
  • Association Partner
  • Supporting
  • Small Business
  • OSCRE Academy

OSCRE website:<http://www.oscre.org/Membership>

Board of Directors[edit]

  • David Karpook, Chair, Strategic Business Consultant, Planon
  • Fouad Habboub, Vice Chair, CEO, Ikindi
  • Maureen Ehrenberg, Executive Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management,Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Brad Sill, Director, Real Foundations
  • Graeme Lambert, Head of Property Finance, Investment Division, Canada Life Financial
  • Rick Ferrino, Chief Data Officer, VTS
  • HoChun Ho, Global Head, Data Governance, Corporate Solutions, JLL
  • Kim Maddox, Vice President, Commercial Property Management, RealPage
  • Hans Pedersen, Senior Director of Professional Services Yardi
  • Javed Roshan, Senior Vice President Digital and Technology, CBRE
  • Lisa Stanley, Chief Executive Officer, OSCRE International

OSCRE Academy - Data Governance Education[edit]

OSCRE's Data Governance Certificate Program is the first of its kind to specifically address data governance for the real estate industry. This web-based education program enables your organization's team members to leverage information as the catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage. Webinars are presented by a faculty of experienced industry professionals, providing access to their knowledge, experience, and guidance on how to apply it to your own organization. Effective data governance starts with a standardized approach to effectively manage the data an organization collects that drives business decisions. In today’s competitive workplace, having the hard skills to master information is a must <http://www.oscre.org/OSCRE-Academy>.

Who Benefits From OSCRE Membership?[edit]

OSCRE International is a collaboration of organizations that often operate as business partners from owners and occupiers to their service providers, software vendors, consultants, systems integrators and benchmarking/reporting agencies. Whether a small, medium or large organization, the issues are the same when it comes to the need for exchanging and aggregating information from multiple sources. The industry's focus on big data, business analytics, data governance and the Internet of Things in corporate real estate and investment portfolios mandates a standardized approach to the information that drives business decisions at every level. Data standardization is a key driver in the real estate industry. OSCRE develops and supports implementation of real estate information exchange standards, enabling your organization to integrate systems, databases, processes, lines of business and business partners. Increasingly, the advancement of emerging technologies including blockchain and artificial intelligence are being explored. These technologies rely on data standards and effective data governance practices to improve resource management for both revenues and expenses. Membership in OSCRE enables the industry to participate in the development and revision of critical standards, and provides a forum for constructive collaboration to advance data collection, analysis and organizational performance.<OSCRE website http://www.oscre.org>

See also[edit]

  • EbXML – a UN standard for business transactions.
  • XML – a meta-language for expressing standards.
  • OASIS – a standards body.
  • LIXI – a counterpart to OSCRE in the Australian market.
  • MISMO – an affiliated standards body in the US property market.


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