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ОСВ-96 12,7-мм снайперская винтовка - МАКС-2009 01.jpg
OSV-96 in MAKS-2009
Type Anti-materiel sniper rifle
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service 1990s–present
Used by Russia
Wars Syrian civil war[1][2]
Production history
Designer A.G. Shipunov
Designed 1990s
Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Produced 1990s–present
Variants V-94
Weight 12.9 kg (28 lb) w/o scope and unloaded
Length 1,746 mm (68.7 in)
Barrel length 1,000 mm (39 in)

Cartridge 12.7×108mm
Action Gas-operated rotating bolt
Rate of fire semi-auto
Muzzle velocity 770–860 m/s
Effective firing range 2,000 m (2,200 yd)
Feed system 5-round detachable box magazine
Sights various mounting sniper sights and back-up iron sights

OSV-96 (Russian: ОСВ-96) is a Russian heavy semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for the 12.7×108mm round.


The rifle is capable of engaging infantry at a distance of up to 1800 meters and can combat material targets at ranges up to 2500 meters. As an effective anti-sniper weapon, OSV-96 keeps the shooter outside of the effective range of conventional calibers providing a distinct advantage over lower caliber rifles. Specialized high-accuracy 12.7×108mm 7N34 59.0 gram FMJ and AP sniper cartridges have been developed for Russian .50-caliber sniper rifles such as this rifle. Large caliber machine gun cartridges can also be used for firing, but with limited accuracy. The OSV-96 folds in half in between the barrel/chamber and receiver compartments to shorten its length for ease of transportation. The rifle features a free-floating barrel in combination with a large muzzle brake to greatly decrease its recoil.


  • V-94 (В-94 «Волга»)[3] Prototype was developed by the KBP (Instrument Design Bureau) in the early 1990s. V-94 was first revealed to the public in 1994. Initial muzzle energy is estimated to be 18860 J, while firing API ammunition (885 gr).
  • OSV-96 (ОСВ-96 «Взломщик»)[4] Developed in 1996-2000, entered service in March 2000. Design utilizes a number of improvements, such as a redesigned stock, muzzle brake, and carrying handle.


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