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This article is about the operating system. For the web browser, see Doky.
Developer DOKY
Written in PHP, HTML5, C, C++,
OS family Unix-like
Latest release 2.5
Platforms x86, ARM
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface Graphical
License Creative Commons Attribution
Official website

DOKY (Operating System Web 3.0) is a Linux-based operating system based on the idea of cloud computing; DOKY leans heavily on on-line applications built with html5 without the use of local hardware and software. Many of the documents created with DOKY can be saved in the cloud. The version featured a new boot screen, auto and guest mode login, a local file system integrated within the desktop, remote access to the desktop from any HTML5-capable browser, optional background updates, and support for the latest Chromium 10 browser and Flash 10.2.[1] The version also included Dropbox integration, an app creation wizard, and a file browser to access local files, preview Dropbox files and edit using Google Docs.

Other installed programs could be started through menus, among the most important was the photo and picture editing program the GIMP, the document viewer Evince, and the LibreOffice. More programs could be installed using the built-in Package Manager.

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