OTE Tower

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OTE Tower
OTE Telecom tower.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Television tower, Restaurant, Observation tower
Location Thessaloniki,  Greece
Coordinates 40°37′34″N 22°57′16″E / 40.62612°N 22.95455°E / 40.62612; 22.95455Coordinates: 40°37′34″N 22°57′16″E / 40.62612°N 22.95455°E / 40.62612; 22.95455
Completed 7 August 1966
Height 76.4 m (250.66 ft)
Design and construction
Architect Antonios Anastasiadis

OTE Tower is a 76-metre-tall tower located in the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center in central Thessaloniki, Greece. The tower opened in 1966 and was renovated in 2005.

The tower was designed by Greek architect A. Anastasiadis and was completed in 1965, with the first black and white broadcasts on a Greek television network taking place from the tower in 1966.[1] The tower was also used in the 1970s to support the antennas of an experimental VHF analogue mobile telephone network.[citation needed] Today it is used by the Cosmote cellular mobile telephone network.

The tower today, other than its status as a modern monument of the city and its use by Cosmote, opens up for events and exhibitions during the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, while the Skyline Café-Bar, revolving restaurant operates year round on the top floor.


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