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OW2 Consortium logo
Formation 1 January 2007; 10 years ago (2007-01-01)
Type Consortium
Around 6000 IT professionals
Leader Cédric Thomas
6 employees
Website www.ow2.org

OW2 is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure. OW2 federates IT vendors and users, universities and research centers from Europe, Asia and the Americas representing thousands of IT professionals.


The old ObjectWeb logo

Key Dates[edit]

2007: OW2 Consortium is launched, leveraging the ObjectWeb code base. China Local Chapter launch.

2008: 1,000 individual members milestone passed. Europe Local Chapter, Business Intelligence Initiative launch.

2009: First OW2 Annual Conference. JOnAS 5 Java EE 5 certification and JavaOne community booth. Brazil Local Chapter launch. Open Solutions Alliance merges with OW2. First OW2 Programming Contest.

2010: Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) launch. Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness (SQuAT) program launch. First collaborative project launch: CHOReOS FP7.

2011: CompatibleOne project launch, First FISL participation, First Bay Area OW2 Meetup, First China Open Source Week.

2012: OpenCloudware, XLcloud, Ocean and RISCOSS projects launched, Future Internet Software and Services initiative (FISSi) launch, First Open Source Solutions roadshow in Brazil.

2013: CHOReOS project presented at CeBIT. First Cloud Interoperability Week organized.

2014: Big Data initiative launched. New event series: OW2 Open Cloud Forums. New OW2 Webinars. OW2con'14 annual conference held at Open Stack Summit, in Paris.

2015: New collaborative projects: OCCIware, AppHub, CHOReVOLUTION. OW2 Privacy and Security initiative launched (PRISi) launch. First Open Cloud Park co-organization at Cloud Expo Europe in London.

2016: Accessibility Initiative (OSAi) launch. SQuAT becomes OSCAR (Open-source Software Capability Assessment Radar). Special Jury Award at Paris Open Source Summit.

2017: OW2 celebrates its 10th anniversary. Open source project market readiness index announced.


OW2's key values are: Openness, Trust, Fairness, Transparency and Independence.

OW2 aims at leveraging open source to foster collaborative innovation and create value by sharing expertise, experience, and opportunities. The community is positioned in the open source value chain as a platform aimed at connecting producers of code and that code's respective users.

Open source projects are collaborative by nature; OW2 offers projects and contributors a neutral environment where they can work together independently of private interests.


OW2 is dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

OW2 offers three kind of services :

1) Technical infrastructure:

OW2 provides developers with state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, offering project hosting and providing a number of services to facilitate the collaborative work (versioning, bug tracking, licenses, etc.).

2) Community Services:

OW2 offers a platform dedicated to connecting members with each other and with the international open source ecosystem at large.

3) Marketing Services:

OW2 develops brand awareness and promotes its code base, offering high levels of visibility for its projects and members with many industrial conferences and tradeshows.

OW2 provides in addition information dissemination and community building services to R&D collaborative projects funded by European or French research programs.

The activities[edit]

The Code Base: OW2 hosts some 100 open source Projects spanning enterprise solutions and components, application frameworks, engineering tools, and libraries.

The Initiatives: Several of these projects are combined into market-driven Initiatives which facilitate their implementations into business solutions by systems integrators, OEMs, and end-users.

List of OW2 initiatives launched from OW2 creation:

  • Open Source in Big Cities
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Future internet
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • SOA
  • e-government


OW2con is the OW2 Consortium's annual community conference. OW2con aims to bring the OW2 community, project managers, decision-makers, technology experts, and more together for two days of keynote addresses, round table discussions, and speaker presentations about the open source world and environment.

Traditionally held in Paris, the goal of OW2con is to expand OW2's influence and reach in the open source world by creating a stronger community, increasing visibility, and educating the public about the possibilities and future of open source software.


Building a cloud ecosystem with open source, May 2013 (anglais)

Après la BI, le Cloud et l'internet des objets, OW2 se penche sur la sécurité, Novembre 2014 (français)

Pourquoi la France et l'Europe doivent devenir contributeurs et plus seulement consommateurs, Novembre 2015, (français).

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