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Oxo or OXO may refer to:


  • Oxo (food), a brand of food products in the UK, South Africa and Canada
  • Oxo Tower, a London landmark formerly owned by the makers of Oxo food products
  • OXO (kitchen utensils brand), a US-based manufacturer of ergonomic handheld kitchen utensils


  • Oxo ligand, a divalent ligand
  • oxo-, a prefix in the formal IUPAC nomenclature for the functional group '=O' (a substituent oxygen atom connected to another atom by a double bond)
  • Hydroformylation, an industrial process for the production of aldehydes from alkenes
  • Oxo Biodegradable, degradation resulting from oxidative and cell-mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or successively
  • Oxo alcohol, alcohols that are prepared by adding carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen


  • OXO (video game), the first digital graphical computer game, a version of Tic-tac-toe from 1951


  • OXO (band), an 80s New Wave pop band
  • "OXO", a 2015, number one US dance song, by Olivia Somerlyn
  • OxO - An Undiscovered Underground America rapper


  • Oxo (horse), a racehorse, winner of the 1959 Grand National

Other uses[edit]

  • Tic-tac-toe (OXO, and various other synonyms) a pen-and-pencil game

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