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Oregon Youth Authority
Oregon Youth Authority logo.png
Agency overview
Formed 1995 (1995)
Headquarters 530 Center St. N.E. Salem, Oregon 97301
Employees 1,100 (April 2015)
Agency executives
Website www.oregon.gov/oya/pages/index.aspx

The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) is a state agency of Oregon, headquartered in Suite 500 of the 530 Center St. NE building in Salem.[1] The agency operates juvenile corrections.

A juvenile crime prevention task force chaired by then-Attorney General of Oregon Ted Kulongoski recommended the creation of a separate juvenile corrections agency. The OYA was established as a distinct agency in 1995.[2]


Facilities include:[3]

Secure correctional facilities for boys:

Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility in Albany is the state's only secure correctional facility for girls.[3]

Transition and work study programs include:

The Corvallis House Young Women's Transition Program moved to the Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility and is now known as the Young Women's Transition Program (Aspen YWTP).[3] The program was previously in Corvallis.[4]

Oregon Youth Authority holds a number of other programs. Some examples are J bar J Boys Ranch in Bend, Oregon. This program has been in question due to having partial funding provided by an annual horse show, and youth being grouped 6.43 youth per staff and having alcohol stored in the same building used as a youth apartment and drug and alcohol treatment location with a door that is occasionally not locked barring youth from a large quantity of wine, as well as a in sealed floor covered by sheet metal wrapped in carpet leading to an underground room. Other programs youth are sent to include independent living programs for youth sexual offenders and drug-alcohol treatment.


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