O Brook

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Coordinates: 50°32′17″N 3°53′56″W / 50.538°N 3.899°W / 50.538; -3.899

A view looking up the O Brook

The O Brook is a short tributary of the West Dart River on Dartmoor in Devon, England. It lies near the village of Hexworthy, and the lower part of the stream forms the boundary between the parishes of Holne and Dartmoor Forest (formerly Lydford). An earlier form of the name was Ocbroke, and it apparently means "Oak Brook",[1] although oaks are now rare in the area.

The stream is notable for its historic tin mines.[2]

Remains of one of the later mine workings

A rock formation on the stream bank, known as the Dragon's Den, gave rise to the legend of the Dragon of the O Brook.[3]


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