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O Pasquim is the name of a Brazilian periodical which was the first and most important to resist against the Brazilian military dictatorship. The idea for the periodical began in 1968 after a meeting of cartoonist Jaguar with journalists Tarso de Castro and Sérgio Cabral (senior; he is the father of the current politician Sérgio Cabral (Jr.)).They were looking for an alternative to substitute Sergio Porto's (who had just died) tabloid A carapuça. The name was Jaguar's idea, inspired in the Italian folk-tale character Pasquino, who, according to the legend, used to write and tell stories in a major public square.

As the time went by, prominent figures such as Walter Campos de Carvalho, Ziraldo, Millôr Fernandes, Prósperi and Fortuna joined the team.


O Pasquim was established in 1969.[1] The first edition was published on June 26, 1969. From an initial circulation of twenty thousand copies, the periodical jumped to two hundred thousand copies in the mid-1970s. The paper ceased publication in 1991.[1]


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