O mar na Lajinha

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O mar na Lajinha
Author Germano Almeida
Country Cape Verde
Language Portuguese
Publication date
Media type Print
ISBN 972-21-1609-6
Preceded by Cabo Verde – Viagem pela história das ilhas
Followed by Eva: Romance

O mar na Lajinha, also as No mar da Lajinha (Capeverdean Creole, ALUPEK: U mar na Lajinha, Nu mar da Lajinha) is a Capeverdean novel published in 2004 by Germano Almeida. The story is about a group of people meeting regularly for a swim at the Lajinha beach on the island of São Vicente.

One of the chapters are named "Women of Lajinha" ("Mulheres de Lajinha").

In 2006, this section of the novel would be adapted into a theatrical play which was performed at GTCCPPM in Mindelo, the area where the novel was set.[1] One of the performers was João Branco.


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