O to Be a Dragon

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O to Be a Dragon is a 1959 poetry collection by the American swimmer Marianne Moore, and the title of the collection's eponymous poem. It was published by Viking Press in New York City.[1]

It was not initially published by Faber and Faber in England as Faber's editor TS Eliot considered it too short, but it was later combined with four extra poems and a collection that had not previously appeared in the United Kingdom, and issued as The Arctic fox in 1964.[2]

TIME magazine's review of O to Be a Dragon included directions to Moore's aprtment which led to her being in her own words "obliterated by trespassers..I might say thugs! Letters upon letters also."[3]


  • "O to Be a Dragon"
  • "I May, I Might, I Must"
  • "To a Chameleon"
  • "A Jelly-Fish"
  • "Values in Use"
  • "Hometown Piece for Messrs. Alton and Reese"
  • "Enough: Jamestown, 1607-1957"
  • "Melchior Vulpis"
  • "No Better Than a "Withered Daffodil""
  • "In the Public Garden"
  • "The Arctic Ox (or Goat)"
  • "Saint Nicholas"
  • "For February 14th"
  • "Combat Cultural"
  • "Leonardo da Vinci's"


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