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Oak Grove School
Oak Grove School 1888 logo.jpg
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 248152
School type Government Residential
Motto ''तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
(From Darkness to Enlightenment)
Established 1 June 1888
Founder East Indian Railway
Status Active
Authority Indian Railways
Principal Jay Prakash Pandey
Head of school

Boys School: Mr. Krishna Kumar Girls' School: Mrs. Tanuja Joshi

Junior School: Mrs. A. Shrivastava
Grades 3-12
Years offered 1888- present
Age 8 to 17
Medium of language English
Campus Oak Grove Estate, Jharipani, Mussoorie Hills
Campus size 256 acres

Boys: (Ashoka, Patel, Shivaji, Tagore)

Girls: (Mirabai, Padmini, Sarojini)
Color(s) Maroon and White
Nickname Oakgrovians

St. Georges, College Mussoorie Wynberg Allen School Woodstock School

Doon International School
Newspaper Acorn (Monthly News letter)
Yearbook The Oakgrovian

Richard James Allen (1928 to 1936) Eric Pinniger (1928 to 1932), Leslie Charles Hammond (1928 to 1932), Richard John Carr (1932), Dup Tsering Lepcha (1969)

Maj. Gen. Anand Singh Rawat, Capt D.K. Jha, Maj. G.C. Verma, Commandant Pramod Kumar 1991, Lt. General Sanjeev Madhok (Retired),
Board CBSE
The Oak Grove Flag

Oak Grove School is a residential public school, owned and run by the Northern Railway. It is situated on hill tops covering 256 acres (1.04 km2) in Jharipani, Mussoorie, India.


The school was started by the British Raj on 1 June 1888.[1] The students predominantly consist of the children of Indian Railways employees; 25% of seats are reserved for outsiders. At present there are more than 600 students.[when?][citation needed] The school consists of three semi-independent parts — Oak Grove Boys' School (commenced 1888), Oak Grove Girls' School (1890s) and Oak Grove Junior School (1912). The buildings were designed by the chief engineer of EIR Mr. Richard Roskell Bayne and are built in Gothic style of architecture.


The overall functioning of the school is under the control of a Board of Governors, which frames and reviews policies to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the institution during its annual meetings. The BOG is constitutes by:

Chairman - General Manager, Northern Railway

Executive Governor - The Chief Personnel Officer, Northern Railway

Member - The Chief Engineer, Northern Railway

Member - The F.A. & C.A.O., Northern Railway

Member - The C.M.D., Northern Railway

Member - The S.D.G.M., Northern Railway

Member - The D.R.M., Northern Railway, Moradabad

Secretary - Principal, Oak Grove School

Principals' Timeline[edit]

Lt. Col. A.C. Chapman 1888 – 1912 24 years
Mr. H.P. Watts 1918 – 1946 28 years
Mr. G.F. Chunn 1946 – 1946 1 year
Mr. O.G. Sullivan 1947 – 1948 2 years
Mr. K.F. McGowan 1948 – 1950 2 years
Mr. B.L.J. Love 1850 – 1956 6 years
Mr. A K. Bhaduri 1956 – 1958 3 years
Mr. B.R. Pasricha 1958 – 1970 13 years
Mr. L.C. Mathur 1970 – 1972 3 years
Mr. Ratan Kumar Kichlu 1972 – 1994 25 years
Mr. Sunil Mishra (Principal designate) 1990 – 1991 2 years
Mrs. Gita Mishra 1995 – 1997 3 years
Mr. Rajiv Kishore 1997 – 2001 4 years
Mr. Deepak Peter Gabriel 2001 – 2004 4 years
Mr. Surinder Kumar 2005 – 2008 4 years
Mr. Anurag Tripathi 2008 – 2012 5 years
Mr. Sandip Trivedi 2012 – 2015 3 years
Mr. J.P. Pandey 2015-

Heads of the wings of Oak Grove School[edit]

Junior School From - To Girl's School From - To Boy's School From - To
Mrs Alice Chapman 1888-1908 Mr A C Chapman 1888-1912
Ms E Lack 1908-1910 Mr S Fenemore 1913-1917
Ms E Tanner 1811-1913 Mr H H Gibbs 1917-1937
Ms M Fenemore 1913-1917 Mr G F Chunn 1937-1947
Mr K L Reid 1918-1925 Mr J W Peterson 1947-1948
Ms W H Wortham 1925-1932 Mr P Bellew 1948-1956
Ms E Fowle 1933-1940 Mr Ahmed 1956-1958
Ms H Cooke 1941-1943 Mr L O Edwards 1958-1965
Ms P Fox 1943-1948 Mr O P Gomes 1965-1972
Ms E Adams 1948-1949 Mr K Kukreti 1972-1974
Ms D E Garlah 1949-1960 Mr B L Midha 1974-1975
Mrs Gupta Ms E Wesley (officiating) 1961 Mr N D Chhimwal 1975-1975
Ms L A R Thomas 1961-1964 Mr K Kukreti 1975-1987
Ms E Wesley (officiating) 1964 Mr S L Sharma 1988-1989
Mrs S B Bhaskar Miss N C David 1964-1986 Mr D P Shukla 1989-1989
Ms S Sharma 1989-2002 Mr A A Khan 1989-1990
Mrs S Dhondiyal (officiating) 2002 Mr D P Shukla 1990-1991
Mrs. V Juyal Ms P Kujur 2002-2004 Mr D C Pant 1991-2004
Mrs Pushpa Kujur Mrs S Dhondiyal 2004-2011 Mrs. V Juyal 2004-2007
Mrs S Srivastava Mrs Tanuja Joshi 2011- Mrs N Siddiqui 2008-2011
Mr Krishna Kumar 2011-

School song[edit]

Oakgrovians young and old,

Come join in cheerful song;

The honour of our school uphold,

With voices clear and strong.

We leave the plains and heat,

Our homes and friends below;

And on these rugged mountains meet,

Life's purposes to know

Our glorious valley green,

With wooded hills around;

As games we play with vigour keen,

Doth oft with shouts resound.

In classrooms and in field,

Oak Grove has made her name;

We strive and hope our time will yield,

New glories, wider fame.

We love this school of ours,

We're Oak Grove's children true;

We'll serve her in her darkest hours,

And in her glory too.

This place wherein we live,

Fair gem of this earth's crown;

Claims earnest work which we must give;

Regardless of renown.

And when we leave Oak Grove,

Embarking on life's seas;

We'll never forget the school we love,

But loyal to her be.

In future years we pray,

God's blessing she may see,

And that her sons and daughters may,


H. P. Watts

Oakgrovians at the Olympic games[edit]


Amsterdam Olympics – 1928

R.J. Allen – Oak Grove

Eric Pinniger – Oak Grove

L.C. Hammond – Oak Grove

Los Angeles Olympics – 1932

R.J. Allen – Oak Grove

Eric Pinniger – Oak Grove

L.C. Hammond – Oak Grove

R.J. Carr – Oak Grove

Berlin Olympics – 1936

R.J. Allen – Oak Grove


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