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Oak House is the largest Halls of Residence in the Fallowfield Campus and the second largest of all the residences owned by the University of Manchester.[1]

The halls consists of 1083 rooms, divided into 136 self-catered flats and then subdivided into five courts of varying sizes, the largest being Beech, then Sycamore, Maple, Chestnut (the only court offering washbasins in bedrooms) and finally Holly.


The Halls were opened in 1972 with John Flynn as warden. He served until his retirement in 1996. Dr Marc Schmidt is the current warden.[2]

John Flynn's time at the hall was remembered with the 'John Flynn Award', which is presented to a student or group of students who show outstanding dedication to Oak House. This award has been won only once, by the Freshers' Team of 2005.

Furthermore, residents celebrate John Flynn's time at Oak House with the competition for the John Flynn Cup. This cup is played for at the end of each semester on FIFA 10. However the competition sparked controversy when the inaugural winner was a current resident of Owens Park.

Ben Elton, writer of Blackadder, is said[by whom?] to have been one of its alumni.

It was also the setting for the infamous 'Bottle Girl' video.[citation needed]


Entertainment in Oak House is run by the OHRA (Oak House Residents Association). Popular current events include Squirrels Comedy Club (a fortnightly comedy show on Sunday evenings during term-time) and the Squirrels Pub Quiz (weekly with a £100 cash prize).[1]


Oak House has several thriving sports teams, including Oak House netball, rugby and two football teams (Oak House FC[3] and Oak House Rangers).[4]

During their first season, Oak House Rugby Team has reached the final of the Campus Sports competition, which they lost against Owens Park Rugby Team.[5]

Oak House CC was formed in 2009 and in their first season won the university league, beating the University CC in the final by a single run.

Other opportunities for residents include free kung-fu lessons, a drama club and the chance to stand for election onto the OHRA executive.

Oak House FC won the Roy Little Cup in both the 2006 and 2009 seasons, while reaching the semi-final in 2009/10 season. Most notable ex players include, Neil Creasey, Craig Leamon and Ben Hodgson.[6]

Coordinates: 53°26′36″N 2°13′00″W / 53.44333°N 2.21667°W / 53.44333; -2.21667


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