Oakburn, Manitoba

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Oakburn, Manitoba is a community in the Municipality of Shoal Lake, Manitoba.

Oakburn is located at the junction of Highway #21 and #45, 10km north of Shoal Lake. It began when the Canadian National Railway was built in 1906. Although it was named by Scottish settlers, the area boasts a strong Ukrainian heritage with many historical sites still well preserved.

There is a Nursery School program available in the former Oakburn School. A Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox Church are located in town and the Catholic Church also has a Parish Hall. The Oakburn Memorial Rink has two sheets of natural curling ice and a natural ice skating rink. The Rossburn Sub-Division of the TransCanada Trail passes through the community. Oakburn has a general Store and Fuel station/garage.

Coordinates: 50°33′55″N 100°34′44″W / 50.56528°N 100.57889°W / 50.56528; -100.57889