Oakland Raiderettes

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Oakland Raiderettes
Raiderettes & Jr. Raiderettes at Falcons at Raiders 2008-11-02 2.JPG
Raiderettes and Jr. Raiderettes
General Information
Team Oakland Raiders
Established 1961 (1961)
  • Jeanette Thompson (2011 season)
  • Shawna Zimmerman (2010 season)
  • Vandana Patel (Game 1 of 2010 season)
Members 40
  • Oakland Raiderettes (1961–1982)
  • Los Angeles Raiderettes (1982–1995)
  • Oakland Raiderettes (1995–2016?)

The Oakland Raiderettes are the cheerleading squad for the Oakland Raiders professional American football team. They were established in 1961 as the Oakland Raiderettes. When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, the cheerleading squad became known as the Los Angeles Raiderettes. However, when the franchise moved back to Oakland in 1995, the Raiderettes changed their name back to the Oakland Raiderettes. In both Los Angeles and Oakland, they have been billed as "Football's Fabulous Females."

Current coaching staff[edit]

  • Jeanette Thompson (2011 Season - Current)
  • Shawna Zimmerman (2010 Season, Games 2-16)
  • Vandana Patel (2010 Season, Game 1 only)
  • Karen Kovac (2003-2009 Seasons)
  • Mary Barnes (Before)

Notable former cheerleaders[edit]

A number of former cheerleaders have found success outside the organization

  • Danielle Gamba, (2002), Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month, October 2004
  • Anjanette Abayari, model, and actress in the Philippines
  • Erica Arana, model, and actress
  • Karen Baughman, wife of Bob Golic
  • Patty Breton - Playboy Model
  • Kelli Brook - Model / Actress - 90210, Age of Love- Participant / Benchwarmer Model
  • Ana Marie Carrasco - Actress / Model / Benchwarmer Model /Playboy Model
  • Paige Green - Actress / Wife of John Elway
  • Jennifer Grijalva, actress, MTV's The Real World: Denver
  • Anjelah Johnson, stand up comedian and former MADtv cast member
  • Jane Lubeck, Playboy Model
  • Cole Martin - contestant of The Bachelor Season 8
  • Tina Martin - Actress / Swimsuit Model / Poster Model and Playboy Model
  • Brooke Morales - Poster Model / Actress / Benchwarmer Model / Playboy Model
  • Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes, television presenter
  • Raydeen Revilla - Actress / Benchwarmer Model
  • Chandra Roberts- First female board member National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (LA); sole female member (Honorary) National Football League Players Association; World Class athlete Track & Field- High Jump/Long Jump.
  • Kiana Tom, TV fitness instructor, model, and actress

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