Oakley-Lindsay Center

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Oakley-Lindsay Center
Location: 300 Civic Center Plaza
Illinois Quincy, Illinois
United States United States
Established: 1995
Performances: concerts, conventions, musicals, plays, business meetings, conferences, receptions, dances
Also Called: The OLC
Website: http://www.quincyciviccenter.com/
Email: info@quincyciviccenter.com
Phone: 217.223.1000

The Oakley-Lindsay Center is the regional convention center for Quincy, Illinois and the tri-state region. It opened in 1995 at a cost of $8 million. It serves as the convention hub of the Quincy micropolitan area and fills the market in-between St. Louis and Iowa City.

The center served as a sandbagging focal point during the Flood of 2008 with over 1 million sandbags filled.[1] The Oakley-Lindsay Center and the sandbagging effort was featured on many news organizations and even had a visit from then-presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) on Saturday, June 14.[2]


The convention center is located just south of downtown Quincy along Gardner Expressway (Illinois Route 57) and is 3 blocks from the Mississippi River. Many of Quincy's historic landmarks lie within walking distance of the facility including the Villa Kathrine, many hotels, downtown, and many parks lining the river.



McClain-Kent Hall[edit]

The McClain-Kent Hall is the largest space of the convention complex holding up to 30,000 square feet (2,800 m2). The hall's capacity is 3,500 people and it houses concerts, plus many other larger events of the tri-states, such as the annual WGEM Home & Living Show.

Oakley and Lindsay Rooms[edit]

The Oakley and Lindsay Rooms are rooms that house small groups of people. They are designed for seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Quincy Community Theater[edit]

Oakley-Lindsay Center also houses the Quincy Community Theater, which is a 500-seat state-of-the-art theater that puts on many shows throughout the year.


Popular events at the OLC have included receptions, proms, boxing events, rodeo, and also concerts.

Concert Portfolio[edit]

Other Notable Events[edit]

  • President Barack Obama's "White House to Main Street" Tour  • April 28, 2010[4]


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