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Oakville Transit
Oakville Transit logo.svg
Oakville New Flyer D40LF 5103.jpg
Headquarters430 Wyecroft Road
Service areaOakville, Ontario
Service typeBus service, Paratransit
Annual ridership3 million (2019)[2]
OperatorTown of Oakville
WebsiteOfficial Website

Oakville Transit is the public transportation provider in Oakville, Ontario, Canada since 1972. It is a department of the town and a member of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.[1] It offers the typical conventional bus service, and a para-transit service, called care-A-van, for those unable to use the conventional service. The care-A-van takes riders directly to the address they desire.

Logo for Oakville Transit, 1973

The original logo for Oakville Transit, no longer in use, was by renowned designer Stuart Ash.

Routes and connections[edit]

The Oakville GO rail and bus station, located at 214 Cross Avenue, is the main bus terminus. Oakville Transit connects with Burlington Transit to the west, and MiWay to the east. In addition, Oakville, Bronte, and Clarkson GO stations are also connected. Regular routes:[3]

No. Name Inner Terminal Outer Terminal Notes
3 Third Line South Oakville Centre Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Via Bronte GO Station, Queenline Centre, The Abbey Plaza, Fox Creek Plaza and Sunvalley Square.
4 Speers-Cornwall Bronte GO Station Clarkson GO Station Via Bronte Plaza, Oakville Commons, Trafalgar Village, Oakville GO Station, Shops of Oakville South and Maple Grove Village. Travels to Mississauga.
5 Dundas Oakville GO Station Dundas & 407 GO Carpool Lot Via Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Sunvalley Square, Fox Creek Plaza, Rio Centre, Uptown Core Terminal and Sheridan College. Travels to Burlington.
6 Upper Middle Bronte GO Station Laird & Ridgeway Via The Abbey Plaza, Sheridan College, Upper Oakville Shopping Centre and Oakville Entertainment Centrum. Eastbound terminus is nearby MiWay bus stops. Travels to Mississauga.
10 West Industrial Bronte GO Station Oakville GO Station. Clockwise loop west of Fourth Line during morning rush; counterclockwise loop during afternoon rush. Weekday peak service only. Via Bronte Plaza, Oakville Commons and Trafalgar Village
11 Linbrook Oakville GO Station Clarkson GO Station Weekdays only. Travels to Mississauga.
12 Winston Park Clarkson GO Station Laird & Ridgeway Weekdays only. Travels to Mississauga. Via Oakville Entertainment Centrum
13 Westoak Trails Bronte GO Station Oakville GO Station Via Halton Government Centre and Oakville Place Mall
14 Lakeshore West Oakville GO Station Appleby GO Station Via Downtown Oakville and South Oakville Centre. Travels to Burlington.
15 Bridge Oakville GO Station RioCan Centre Burloak Via Trafalgar Village and South Oakville Centre
17 Kerr Oakville GO Station Church & Dunn Via Downtown Oakville and Trafalgar Village.
18 Glen Abbey South Oakville GO Station Bronte GO Station Via Dorval Crossing, Oakville Commons and Trafalgar Village.
19 River Oaks Oakville GO Station Uptown Core Terminal
20 Northridge Oakville GO Station Uptown Core Terminal Via Upper Oakville Shopping Centre.
24 South Common Oakville GO Station South Common Centre Via Sheridan College, Uptown Core Terminal and Shopps on Dundas. Travels to Mississauga.
26 Falgarwood Oakville GO Station Lancaster & Grosvenor No Sunday service.
28 Glen Abbey North Oakville GO Station Bronte GO Station Via Dorval Crossing, Oakville Commons and Trafalgar Village.
33 Palermo Bronte GO Station Colonel & Dundas
34 Pine Glen Bronte GO Station Pine Glen & Proudfoot Weekday peak service only.
120 East Industrial Oakville GO Station Laird & Ridgeway Weekday peak service only. Travels to Mississauga. Via Oakville Entertainment Centrum
121 Southeast Industrial Oakville GO Station Industry & South Service Weekday peak service only.
190 River Oaks Express Oakville GO Station Glenaston & Trafalgar Weekday peak service only.

School Specials:[3]

  • Route 71 White Oaks S.S. (afternoon special to River Oaks)
  • Route 80W Holy Trinity West special (to and from McCraney)
  • Route 80E Holy Trinity East special (to and from Falgarwood)
  • Route 81A/B Abbey Park/Loyola (morning special from Palermo and Westoak Trails)
  • Route 81N Abbey Park/Loyola North (afternoon special to Westoak Trails and Palermo)
  • Route 81S Abbey Park/Loyola South (afternoon special to Glen Abbey)
  • Route 82 Loyola North (afternoon special to Westoak Trails and Palermo)
  • Route 83 Blakelock (afternoon specials to Oakville GO station and Bridge/Third Line)
  • Route 86 Garth Webb S.S. (to and from Westoak Trails and Palermo)

All Oakville Transit buses are Easier Access



Oakville Transit has a fleet of 89 low-floor, fully accessible conventional buses and ten care-A-van (para transit) buses.[4]


As of March 1, 2021, cash fare is $4.00. Passengers using GO Transit can show the driver their single or multi-ride ticket and pay a reduced fare of 80 cents (for riders using Presto cards, the co-fare discount is automatically assessed).[5] Children ages 0-12 can ride all Oakville Transit bus services free of charge (similar to that already in place on adjacent Burlington Transit and GO Transit services), while, students (13–19 years of age) attending elementary/secondary school, and seniors (65 years of age and older) can pay at reduced fare rates using their Presto card. Oakville Transit also issues time-based transfers, valid for any direction of use for 2 hours from the time of boarding (including transfers to/from Burlington Transit and Miway (Mississauga Transit) services. [6] [7]


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