Oakwood Cemetery (Waco, Texas)

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The main entrance to Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery is a 157-acre (64 ha) cemetery in Waco, Texas, in which three governors of Texas are buried.


Founded in 1878, to relieve crowded conditions at Waco's main, First Street Cemetery, the cemetery was built on the site of an abandoned horse racing track.[1]

Many interred remains from other early local graveyards were moved here because of the better maintenance of these grounds. Since 1898, the Oakwood Cemetery Association, a private group, has operated this tract, although the land remains the property of the city. The board of directors of the association consists of women only, as provided in the original by-laws.[2]

The cemetery is characterised by tree-lined streets, large monuments and angels.

Notable burials[edit]


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Coordinates: 31°32′17″N 97°06′43″W / 31.538°N 97.112°W / 31.538; -97.112