Obabika River

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Obabika River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Sudbury District
 - left Wawiagama River
 - right Nasmith Creek
Source Obabika Lake
 - coordinates 47°06′30″N 80°18′15″W / 47.10833°N 80.30417°W / 47.10833; -80.30417
Mouth Sturgeon River
 - coordinates 46°57′39″N 80°26′40″W / 46.96083°N 80.44444°W / 46.96083; -80.44444Coordinates: 46°57′39″N 80°26′40″W / 46.96083°N 80.44444°W / 46.96083; -80.44444

The Obabika River is located in central Ontario, Canada. It is south of Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park and west of Lake Temagami, within Sudbury District. It flows from Obabika Lake in a south-westerly direction and drains into the Sturgeon River. The Obabika River is remote and surrounded by undeveloped wilderness.

The river is characterized by long meandering sections through clay and sand valleys alternated by sections through eroded bedrock and marshes. Although the current is strong, there are no noteworthy rapids.

Obabika River Waterway Provincial Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Obabika Lake.jpg
Canoeists at sunrise on Obabika Lake
Location Ontario, Canada
Nearest city Temagami, Ontario
Area 205.20 km2 (79.23 sq mi)
Established 1989
Governing body Ontario Parks

Obabika River Waterway Provincial Park[edit]

The full length of the Obabika River is protected by and within the boundaries of the Obabika River Waterway Provincial Park. This park was created in 1989 and expanded in 2002 to 205 square kilometres. Like most other waterway parks in Ontario, there are no services provided other than portage and campsite maintenance. Therefore, this park is suitable for backcountry canoeing, nature exploration and wildlife viewing.

In addition to the waters and shores of the Obabika River, the park also includes portions south of Lady Evelyn Lake and the Obabika Old-Growth Forest bordering on the north side of Obabika Lake, straddling across the boundaries of the Sudbury, Nipissing, and Timiskaming Districts.

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