Obafemi Owode

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Obafemi Owode
Obafemi Owode is located in Nigeria
Obafemi Owode
Obafemi Owode
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 6°57′N 3°30′E / 6.950°N 3.500°E / 6.950; 3.500Coordinates: 6°57′N 3°30′E / 6.950°N 3.500°E / 6.950; 3.500
Country  Nigeria
State Ogun State
 • Total 1,410 km2 (540 sq mi)
Population (2006 census)
 • Total 228,851
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
3-digit postal code prefix 110
ISO 3166 code NG.OG.OO

Obafemi Owode is a Local Government Area in Ogun State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Owode at 6°57′N 3°30′E / 6.950°N 3.500°E / 6.950; 3.500.

It has an area of 1,410 km² and a population of 228,851 at the 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 110.


Obafemi Owode Local Government is one of the Local Governments that came into existence through Edict No.9 of 1976, resulting from the 1976 Local Government reforms, prior to this period, the administration of the area was carried out by Oba Provincial Authority, Owode District Council and Obafemi District Council.

Obafemi Owode Local Government has its headquarters at Owode Egba


Obafemi Owode Local Government share common boundaries with the following Local and State Governments:

North  - Odeda Local Government and Oyo State East  - Sagamu and Ikenne Local Governments South - Ifo Local Government and Lagos State


Population: Obafemi-Owode Local Government has an estimated population of 230,000.

Land Mass: It is made up of about 1,204 towns and villages with a land mass of 104,787.07 hectares of largely agricultural land.


The People:  Obafemi Owode Local Government is made up of people residing in Adigbe, Oba[disambiguation needed], Kobape, Obafemi, Ogunmakin, Ajebo, Owode, Ibafo, Iro town and Mokoloko towns and they are mostly Egbas. Therefore the common language being spoken is the Yoruba with the Egba dialect. The traditional institution of the people is predominantly governed by Baales with the exception of a very early settlement called Iro, Oba Sanusi Ogunrinde Oyero. Eribi IV.


An insight into the cultural aspects of the people reveals that they are blessed with rich Yoruba traditional dances such as Ogodo dance, Egungun and Bolojo dances, in some areas of the Local Government.


Obafemi Owode Local Government has some motorable (graded) roads which are linked by state and federal road network for inter and intra city connections.

The Federal roads running through the Local Government area includes: 

The Lagos-Ibadan Express way The Abeokuta-Sagamu road The Sagamu-Papalanto road

State roads within the area includes:  

The Owode-Siun-Ofada road The Siun-Iperu road The Owode-Obafemi road The Kobape-Oba-Ojere road The Idi-Aba-Ajebo road The Ogunmakin-Ajebo road The Ofada-Mowe road

Health Services:  In the area of health services, Obafemi Owode Local Government is blessed with competent staff and facilities. In all, there are 4 medical doctors and 46 para-medical staffers while there are 22 health clinics and 12 health posts. Both human and material resources are evenly spread all over the health districts. Recently commissioned, are two newly completed health clinics to boost the health projection plan of the Local Government.

Apart from the curative aspect of health, this Local Government also attends to the preventive aspect particularly in the area of contagious diseases such as guinea-worm eradication and gobal 2001 programme. The Rotary Club of Ake, Abeokuta has also given support in this respect.  


Agriculture: Obafemi Owode Local Government is endowed with vast fertile land suitable for the cultivation of rice, kolanut, sugarcane, maize, cassava, tomatoes and a wide variety of vegetables. Infact, the Local Government is generally regarded as the land of OFADA RICE. The major food crops of the area includes cassava, rice, cocoyam, plantain, maize and vegetable, while palm produced and cocoa form the major cash crops.

Occupation: The people are predominantly farmers, most of whom engage themselves in farming of arable crops.There are also some who engage in livestock and fishing.

In recent times, however, the people of the area engage themsselves in Quarry business, artisan works and handcrafts, such as dye making and pottery. The popular adire fabrics are also produced in some areas of the Local Government. 

Major Markets: The major markets in the area includes the siun market, Ogunmakin market, Obafemi market, Mokoloki market, Mowe, Ibafo and Owode markets.


For administrative convienience, Obafemi Owode Local Government is politically divided into 12 wards, viz: 

Mokoloki ward Oba ward Ofada ward Egbeda ward Owode ward Kajola ward Ajura ward Obafemi ward Moloko Asipa ward Ajebo ward Onidundu ward Alapako-Oni ward


Obafemi Owode Local Government has within it privately owned hotels for the relaxation and comfort of residents and visitors. Notable among these, is the Owode motel, based in Owode-Egba.

Tourist attractions of the area include the wildlife forest of the area, Grass less mountains found in some area and the Youth centre at Ofada town.



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