Obere Kyll

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Obere Kyll coat of arms

Obere Kyll is a Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") in the district Vulkaneifel, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated on the upper course of the river Kyll, approx. 55 km south-west of Bonn. The seat of the Verbandsgemeinde is in Jünkerath.

The Verbandsgemeinde Obere Kyll consists of the following Ortsgemeinden ("local municipalities"):

  1. Birgel
  2. Esch
  3. Feusdorf
  4. Gönnersdorf
  5. Hallschlag
  6. Jünkerath
  7. Kerschenbach
  1. Lissendorf
  2. Ormont
  3. Reuth
  4. Scheid
  5. Schüller
  6. Stadtkyll
  7. Steffeln

Coordinates: 50°20′29″N 6°35′09″E / 50.34139°N 6.58583°E / 50.34139; 6.58583