Oberon Correctional Centre

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Oberon Correctional Centre
Location Oberon, New South Wales
Coordinates 33°55′47″S 149°50′55″E / 33.929667°S 149.848667°E / -33.929667; 149.848667Coordinates: 33°55′47″S 149°50′55″E / 33.929667°S 149.848667°E / -33.929667; 149.848667
Status Operational
Security class Minimum (male)
Capacity 100[1]
Managed by Corrective Services NSW

Oberon Correctional Centre, an Australian minimum security prison for young male offenders, is located 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Oberon, New South Wales. The centre is operated by Corrective Services NSW an agency of the Department of Attorney General and Justice of the Government of New South Wales. The centre detains sentenced felons under New South Wales and/or Commonwealth legislation.

The centre caters for one of the final stages of the Corrective Services Young Offenders Program, which attempts to separate younger inmates from older, hardened inmates, and prepares them for eventual release.[1]

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