Oberrieder Weiher

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The Oberrieder Weiher is like many other ponds in the valleys of Günz and Mindel a former gravel pit which is filled with ground water. The pond is located near the river Günz in the municipality of Breitenthal in the district of Günzburg. Because of this origin as gravel pit the form of the Oberrieder Weiher is nearly a square. the specific feature of the Oberrieder Weiher is its area of 34,7 hectare. Sometimes it is said that it is the biggest flooded gravel pit in Bavarian Swabia.

Today the Oberrieder Weiher is a popular greenbelt recreation area because of its varied possibilities of use, the water quality, the cleanness of the place for swimming and the large room to park. The northeastern shores are converted to a place for swimming since many years. At the other shores there are a campingsite (since the year 2005), a sailing club, a surfing school. The Oberrieder weiher is used by divers, too.


This article incorporates in parts text translated from the article Oberrieder Weiher from the German Wikipedia, retrieved on 16 September 2009.

Coordinates: 48°13′33″N 10°17′30″E / 48.22583°N 10.29167°E / 48.22583; 10.29167