Oberschleißheim Regatta Course

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Regattastrecke Oberschleißheim near Munich in Germany
Regattastrecke Oberschleißheim

The Regattastrecke Oberschleißheim is a rowing venue situated in Oberschleißheim near München in Germany. It was built for the rowing and canoeing events of the 1972 Summer Olympics, and has since hosted numerous world rowing events.


In 1972 an artificial canoe sprint and rowing venue was created in Oberschleißheim for the Munich Olympic Summer Games.[1] The course is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) long and 135 metres (443 ft) wide, and is in regular use. The course is accessible through Munich's public transport and roading network. The stand has capacity for 9,500 spectators.[2]

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World Rowing Championships[edit]

Two World Rowing Championships have been held at the venue:

World Rowing Cup[edit]

World Rowing Cups are regularly held at Oberschleißheim.

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