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The quarter of Oberstrass in Zürich.
Oberstrass and Irchelpark as seen from Uetliberg, Oerlikon (to the left) and Seebach in the background (October 2009)
Funicular Rigiblick
Aerial view by Walter Mittelholzer (1933)

Oberstrass is a quarter in the district 6 in Zürich.

It was formerly a municipality of its own, having been incorporated into Zürich in 1893. The quarter has a population of 9,494 distributed on an area of 2.64 km2 (1.02 sq mi).

The Rigiblick funicular can be found in Oberstrass as one of two funiculars within the city of Zürich.

Built in 1901 as Rigiblick restaurant, the former Gastsaal was re-opened as Theater Rigiblick in 1984.[1]


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