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The Obertenghi were a family of Italian nobility descended from Count Obert I of Luni, the first margrave of Milan and Eastern Liguria, a march called the marca Januensis, marca Obertenga or march of Genoa.

Early in 951, Berengar II of Italy finished the reorganisation of the Italian feudal structure begun by his predecessor Hugh. He named three new margraves to three new territories:

The Obertenghi margraviate was the source of the fiefs of the Este, Pallavicini, Adorno Pastorino, Vicini, Malaspina, Fieschi, Della Torre, Visconti of Gallura, Parodi, Pinelli, Lupi, Massa, Della Berardenga, Cavalcabò, Adalbertina, etc.

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