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Oberthur Cash Protection
Industry technology
Headquarters Paris, France
Number of locations
Dijon, Paris, Dundee
Products ATV, RS12, ICSD L3
Owner Oberthur Fiduciaire
Number of employees
66 as of 2011
Website www.oberthurcp.com

Oberthur Cash Protection is a French manufacturer of Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems to protect cash, based in Dijon, France. Established in 1985, the company holds one of the first IBNS patents to protect valuables by neutralizing them with ink[1] and, as of 2011, is the largest manufacturer of Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation systems in the world, with over 60,000 systems installed.


In 1983 Oberthur Cash Protection (operating as Axytrans, part of Axytel - a company specialized in the design and manufacture of credit cards and checks[2]) has invented the very first Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System to protect Cash-in-transit using ink as a degradation agent. The invention was made in collaboration with one of Axytrans' customers, a French Cash-in-transit company VALTIS,[3] who was searching for alternative way to protect valuables during Cash-in-transit[4] The product, called ATV (Axytrans Transport de Valeurs) was designed to provide Cash-in-transit companies with an alternative way of transporting valuables. It was first used in 1990 by the Belgium Post for their Cash-in-transit operation. In 1991[5] French law was modified to allow use of ATV on an experimental basis and the French CIT company VALTIS started using it to service three regional banks.[3] Even though the pilot turned out to be successful the ATV was not well accepted by many CIT companies who argued that firearms and armoring provide better protection to valuables. Nevertheless the company has become very well known in France and Belgium, and up to this date “Axytrans” is often used as a generic term to describe Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System.

In 1990 the post of Belgium officially addressed Oberthur Cash Protection over the Belgian Ministry of Interior for the implementation of IBNS for the transport of cash in unarmored vehicles.[6] The reason for this was frequent and violent attacks against armored vehicles.

In 1991 the French CIT company VALTIS started using the ATV to service three regional banks.

In 1993 Axytrans was purchased by Group François-Charles Oberthur.[7]

In 2003 Oberthur Cash Protection, operating as Axytrans introduced its first Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System to protect cash inside of the ATM.

In 2004 Oberthur Cash Protection, operating as Axytrans received the quality management certification ISO 9001.[8]

In 2007 Oberthur Cash Protection, operating as Axytrans acquired Fluiditi, a part of the NCR group,[9] specializing in ATM cash protection and changed its name to Oberthur Cash Protection.

In 2011 Buy out of the Card Systems and Identity Division of Oberthur Technologies to Advent International. The Secure Printing Division and Cash Protection are renamed Oberthur Fiduciaire and remained under the Savare family control.


Oberthur Cash Protection manufacturers Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems (IBNS) – security systems which protect valuables by marking them as stolen with indelible security ink during Cash-in-transit, inside of retail machines, and ATMs. Such systems are often called “intelligent” because they are self-monitored and independently take actions based on a number of criteria and pre-programmed modes.[10][11][12][13]

Areas of business[edit]

ATM cash protection[edit]

ATM cash protection systems protect cash inside the ATM against physical attacks. Such attacks usually are carried out with the intention of gaining access to the cash within the ATM safe or the ATM security enclosure through mechanical or thermal means with the ultimate goal being to penetrate the ATM and remove the cash. Typical customers for this type of protection are ATM deployers and manufacturers.

CIT cash protection[edit]

CIT cash protection systems protect cash during transportation and storage, as well as during ATM replenishments (cash or cassettes) against physical attacks (drilling, cutting, strokes, chemicals, extreme cold and heat, explosives, etc.) and human-factor based attacks (internal theft, kidnapping, blackmailing, bribery, negligence, etc.). Typical customers are companies which are professionally involved in cash handling and transportation either contracted or intern (CIT companies, banks, security companies)

Retail cash protection[edit]

Retail cash protection systems protect cash inside banknote deposit machines and during storage against physical attacks and theft. Typical customers are banknote deposit machine manufacturers and deployers for the vending, gaming, amusement, transportation, retail, and kiosk markets.

Oberthur Cash Protection is known to collaborate with Police / Europol, Vigie Billet and Banknote Watch, National Central Banks, and Standardization Commission to communicate and promote Ink Staining technology, as well as to facilitate solving the crimes where IBNS has been involved. Oberthur Cash Protection also plays a role as a legal expert in enquiries, arrests and prosecutions in all the countries where its systems are used. Oberthur Cash Protection is a member of EURICPA (European Intelligent Cash Protection Association) [14] and ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)


Oberthur Cash Protection’s customers are major CIT companies (G4S,[15] Loomis,[16] Brinks, Prosegur), banks (Travelex, HBOS, Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Credit du Nord, BPCE, Banque Postale, Banque De France, Barclays, Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC, Swedbank, Raiffeisen Bank, and others), and ATM manufacturers (NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, retailers,[17] and others)

Key figures[edit]

The company has more than 60, 000 Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems in circulation in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). As of 2011 the company employs 66 people at three sites: Paris, Dijon and Dundee (Great Britain).


By controlling the life cycle of cash protection systems (design, manufacture, use, recycling and disposal), Oberthur Cash Protection engages in a voluntary environmental protection. Two majors action are respected: 1. Implementation of the WEEE norm which requires the wastes recycling. The company recycles the ATV, ATM and others products to reuse different pieces for manufacturing of others products and 2. Implementation of the ROHS norm that requires taking away lead from circuit board.


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