Tandyr nan

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Tandyr nan
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TypeTandoor bread
Place of origin

Tandyr nan (Kazakh/Kyrgyz/Tajik: тандыр-нан), tamdyr çörek (Turkmen), tandir non (Uzbek) or tonur nan (Uighur: تونۇر نان), also called lepyoshka (Russian: лепёшка), is a type of Central Asian naan.[1]


Obi non[edit]

Obi non or lepyoshka (Russian: лепёшка, "flatbread"), is a kind of flatbread in Afghan, Tajik and Uzbek cuisine. It is shaped like a disc and thicker than naan. Obi non are baked in clay ovens called tandyr.[2][3]


Tohax (Kazakh: тоқаш/toqash, Kyrgyz: токоч, Uighur: توغاچ, Тоғач, Uzbek: Samarqand noni/Самарқанд нони), also known as toqach or toghach, is a type of tandoor bread consumed within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region[4] of China, as well as in many regions of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).[5]


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