Obi otoshi

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Illustration of an obi-otoshi (belt-drop) throw in Judo
Illustration of an obi-otoshi throw in Judo.
Classification Nage-waza
Sub classification Te-waza
Kodokan Yes
Technique name
Rōmaji Obi-otoshi
Japanese 帯落
English Belt drop

Obi Otoshi (帯落) is one of the preserved throwing techniques, or Habukareta Waza, of Judo. the 1895 Gokyo no Waza lists. A related technique with the same name is also on the Shinyo no Maki list of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu[1] It is categorized as a hand technique, Te-waza.

Technique Description[edit]


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Similar Techniques, Variants, and Aliases[edit]

  • Belt Drop


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