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Obie usually refers to an Obie Award, an off-Broadway theater award.

Obie may also refer to:


  • William Obadiah Obie Baizley (1917-2000), Canadian politician
  • Renaldo Benson (1936-2005), singer with the Four Tops nicknamed "Obie"
  • Obie Bermúdez (born 1980), pop singer and composer
  • Jessie Obie Bristow (1900-1969), American early National Football League player
  • Obie Etie Ikechukwu (born 1987), Nigerian footballer
  • Obie Fernandez (born 1974), leading member of the Ruby on Rails community
  • Obie Graves, college football and Canadian Football League (1980-1982) player
  • Obediah Donnell "Obie" Jessie (born 1936), stage name Young Jessie, African American R&B and jazz singer
  • Petrus Obie Oberholzer (born 1947), South African photographer
  • Obie Patterson (born 1938), American politician
  • Obie Trice (born 1977), U.S. rapper
  • Obadiah Obie Trotter (born 1984), U.S. basketball player
  • Obie Scott Wade, American producer, director and screenwriter
  • Obie Walker (1911-1989), American boxer, World Colored Heavyweight Champion from 1933 to 1935
  • Obelit Yadgar (born 1945), aka Obie Yadgar, Assyrian-American radio personality
  • Bob O'Billovich (born 1940), "Obie", a former coach in the Canadian Football League
  • William Obanhein (1924-1994), former chief of police for the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Officer Obie in Arlo Guthrie's song "Alice's Restaurant"

Other uses:

  • A colloquialism for an Oberlin College student
  • Obie, a light designed to be placed on a movie camera, named after Merle Oberon, invented by Lucien Ballard

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