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Obinitsa is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 57°48′35″N 27°26′33″E / 57.80972°N 27.44250°E / 57.80972; 27.44250Coordinates: 57°48′35″N 27°26′33″E / 57.80972°N 27.44250°E / 57.80972; 27.44250
Country Estonia
CountyVõrumaa lipp.svg Võru County
MunicipalitySetomaa Parish
 • Total187

Obinitsa (also known as Obiniste, Abinitsa, Kirikmäe) is a village in Setomaa Parish, Võru County, southeastern Estonia. It has a population of 187 (as of 1 January 2009).[1]

The Meremäe-Obinitsa Primary School was closed in 2009, after that the building is used as a nursing home.

Obinitsa is the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture in 2015.[2]

Obinitsa School-Church[edit]

Obinitsa School-Church
Obinitsa kool-kirik 2013 sügis.JPG
Obinitsa School-Church
AffiliationEstonian Apostolic Orthodox Church
Year consecrated1897–1904
LocationObinitsa, Setomaa Parish, Estonia
Geographic coordinates57°48′41″N 27°26′51″E / 57.81139°N 27.44750°E / 57.81139; 27.44750

Obinitsa School-Church is an Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church. It is located in Obinitsa, about 280 kilometers from Tallinn. Construction of the church began in 1896 and its official inauguration came in 1897. On 16 December 1894, land was allocated for a church and school by the Obinitsa village community. The Church was closed in 1950. The bell tower was dismantled and the building turned into a school.

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