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Obi Islands Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 1°30′S 127°45′E / 1.500°S 127.750°E / -1.500; 127.750Coordinates: 1°30′S 127°45′E / 1.500°S 127.750°E / -1.500; 127.750
Archipelago Obi Islands
Area 2,542 km2 (981 sq mi)
Province North Maluku
Population 29,642 (2010)

Obira (also called Utara or Obi) is the main island in the Obi Islands group, in Indonesia, south of the larger Halmahera in North Maluku. Its area is 2,542 km².

The island is eponymous to the Obi Island Birdwing, an endemic species of butterfly.[1] Due to extensive logging on the island, which has reduced its habitat, the conservation of this species is a concern.

In 2016, provincial governor Abdul Ghani Kasuba successfully negotiated with the China-based Jinchun Group for the building of a nine-trillion rupiah nickel smelter on the island.[2]


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