Object 292

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Object 292
TypeMain battle tank
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
ProducedSeptember 1990

152.4 mm smoothbore tank gun

Object 292 (Объект 292) was a Soviet experimental tank built in September 1990.

The tank was based on the T-80's chassis, using a new turret, and was armed with a 152 mm smooth bore gun. The rifled variant of tank's armament was never finished. In September 1990 the tank was completed and in 1991 underwent trials. The trials showed high stability and reliability of the gun and the tank itself. However, the absence of funding discontinued further work on the tank's improvement. Main profit of this variant was fact that new turret was completely interchangeable with the standard T-80 main battle tank turret. Ammo rack consisted of only 16 152 mm rounds.[1]

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