Object 775

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Object 775
Object 775 (on the basis of T-64).jpg
TypeMissile tank
Place of originSoviet Union
Production history
DesignerP. P. Isakov
ManufacturerChelyabinsk Tractor Plant
VariantsObject 775
Object 775T
Mass36 metric tons
Length6.117 m
Width3.415 m
Height1.74 m

Armour120 mm (maximum)
125 mm D-126 rifled missile launcher
(15 "Rubin" / 22 "Bur")
7.62 mm coaxial PKT machine gun
Engine5TDF diesel engine (Object 775)
2x GTD-350 gas turbine engines (Object 775T)
515 kW (Object 775)
2x 350 hp (Object 775T)
500 km
Speed70 km/h

Object 775 (Объект 775) was a Soviet experimental missile tank built in 1964.

The tank had an extremely low profile, with a crew of two which sat in an isolated compartment in the turret. The main armament was a 125 mm rifled missile launcher, with a maximum range of 4 km for the "Rubin" anti-tank guided missiles, and 9 km for the "Bur" surface-to-surface missiles. It had a rate of fire of 4-5 rounds/min for the "Rubin", and 8-10 rounds/min for the "Bur". Both munitions were guided by an infra-red beam. The "Rubin" anti-tank missiles were capable of penetrating 250 mm of armor at 60° at a range of 4 km.

The Object 775 used the same engine and transmission from T-64 tank. The Object 775T (Объект 775Т) variant used two gas turbine engines instead of the diesel engine.

The prototype tank wasn't adopted for a number of reasons. The crew had poor visibility over the battlefield, the overall complexity of the design, and the low reliability of the missile guidance system.

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