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Object pairing is the name of a creativity technique created by Idan Gafni in 1999. The technique can be used by individuals or groups to hold an initiated creativity session.

The method is an initiated process that harnesses "the way people think and remember" to practical creativity. The method uses association expansion cards with pictures, words, and phrases. The use of several concurrent different stimulations creates an augmented experience and provokes associations of logical and emotional interpretations.

There are 7 base cards that are mandatory and 5 optional cards. The 7 cards are general cards that are used to direct to many basic aspects regarding almost every product or idea. The 5 optional cards are created by the person or the group that holds the creativity session and are domain specific cards.

A creativity session is based on the cards where the individual/group draws one card at a time. The subject of the creativity session is then paired with each of the objects in the card (words, pictures). The session ends after all cards were paired with the subject of the session.

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