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Object REXX
Rexx3 orig size transparent.gif
ParadigmObject-oriented (class-based)
Designed bySimon C. Nash (IBM)
First appeared1988; 34 years ago (1988)
Stable release
4.2.0 / 24 February 2014; 8 years ago (2014-02-24)
OSCross-platform: AIX, Linux, OS/2; Windows NT
LicenseCPL 1.0, GPLv2
Filename extensions.rxs, .rex
Major implementations
ooREXX (since 2004)
Influenced by
Rexx, Smalltalk[1]

The Object REXX programming language is an object-oriented scripting language initially produced by IBM for the operating system OS/2 and later[3] for Microsoft Windows. It is a follow-on to and a significant extension[a] of the "Classic Rexx" language originally created for the Conversational Monitor System (CMS) component of the operating system VM/SP Release 3[4] and later ported to Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS),[b] OS/2 and PC DOS.

The OS/2 version of IBM Object REXX includes classes to support IBM System Object Model (SOM)[6] and Workplace Shell[7] (WPS). It is also included in ArcaOS.[8]

On October 12, 2004, IBM released Object REXX as free and open-source software,[9] giving rise to Open Object Rexx (ooREXX), now available for various operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows. This implementation includes a Windows Script Host (WSH) Scripting Engine for Rexx. The released sources however didn't include the classes for SOM and Workplace Shell (WPS) support.[10]

Object REXX supports multiple inheritance via the use of mixin classes.


  1. ^ Object REXX and Open Object Rexx do not include all of the new feature of ANSI standard Rexx, although they have many new features of their own.
  2. ^ As part of Time Sharing Option Extensions (TSO/E) Version 2[5]


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