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Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
Industry Computer software
Computer hardware
Research and development
Founded Reston, Virginia (1989)
Headquarters Herndon, Virginia, United States
Key people
Bill Beckwith, CEO/CTO
Products ORBexpress®
Black Channel®
Website www.ois.com

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. is a computer communications software and hardware company. The company's headquarters are in Herndon, Virginia, USA. OIS develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports software and hardware products that generally fit into one or more of the following markets:

A popular OIS product is the ORBexpress CORBA middleware software. ORBexpress is most popular in the real-time and embedded computer markets.[3] OIS supports the software version ORBexpress on more than 2,200 computing platforms (combinations of the versions of CPU families, operating systems, and language compilers).[8][9] OIS also has FPGA versions of ORBexpress to allow hardware blocks on an FPGA to interoperate with software.[10]

OIS engineers invented a form of communications security called the Partitioning Communication System or PCS.[7] The PCS a technical architecture that protects multiple Information Flows from influencing each other when communicated on a single network wire. The PCS is best implemented on a software separation operating system such as SELinux or a separation kernel.[7]

OIS's communications products are most frequently found in the enterprise,[11] telecom/datacom,[12] mil/aero,[13] medical,[14] robotics,[15] process control[16] and transportation industries.[17] Objective Interface is a privately held company and has developed software products since 1989 and hardware products since 2001.

The Company is actively involved with various standards groups including:

Corporate Headquarters[edit]

OIS headquarters is located at 220 Spring Street, Suite 530, Herndon, VA, 20170-6201.


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