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Catholic church in Obljaj
Catholic church in Obljaj
Obljaj is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 44°10′42″N 16°23′19″E / 44.17833°N 16.38861°E / 44.17833; 16.38861
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
EntityFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
CantonFlag of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia.svg Canton 10
MunicipalityBosansko Grahovo
 • Total3.32 sq mi (8.59 km2)
 • Total108
 • Density33/sq mi (13/km2)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Obljaj (Serbian Cyrillic: Обљај) is a village near Bosansko Grahovo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Obljaj is located north of Livno near the border with Croatia. It is in the northwest corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is administratively part of Canton 10 of the Federation. It is difficult to reach except by small roads.

Gavrilo Princip, whose assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria started World War I, was born here in 1894 and lived here when he was young.[1] His father was a postman in the village. The village was also a Serb community.


According to the 2013 census, its population was 108.[2]

Ethnicity in 2013
Ethnicity Number Percentage
Serbs 55 50.9%
Croats 52 48.1%
other/undeclared 1 0.9%
Total 108 100%


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Coordinates: 44°10′42″N 16°23′19″E / 44.17833°N 16.38861°E / 44.17833; 16.38861