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Princely arms of the family

Obolensky (Russian: Оболенский) is the name of a princely Russian family of the Rurik Dynasty. The family of aristocrats mostly fled Russia in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. Their name is said to derive from the town of Obolensk in the Upper Oka Principalities near Moscow. The Obolensky coat of arms is composed of the emblems of Kiev and Chernigov. Cadet branches of the family include the Repnin, Lykov, Leperovich, Dolgorukov and Shcherbatov families.

Family members include:

  • Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky (†1523), nicknamed Repnya, ancestor of the Repnin family
  • Mikhail Aleksandrovich Obolensky (1821–1886)
  • Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky (1853–1910), Governor-General of Finland
  • Alexander Dimitrievich Obolensky (1847–1917)

After the Russian revolution, part of the Obolensky family was forced into exile and their descendants carry "Obolensky" as a regular surname.

Lev Sergeevich Obolensky (b. 1926, d. 2010)

  • Dimitri Obolensky (1918–2001), historian, son of Dmitri Alexandrovich Obolensky (1882–1964) and Countess Maria Shuvalov (1894–1973)
  • Alexis Obolensky (1915–1986), socialite and "father of modern backgammon"
  • Ivan Sergeyevich Obolensky (b. 1925), son of Sergei Platonovich "Serge" Obolensky and Ava Alice Muriel Astor
  • Vladimir Sergeevich Obolensky-Randlkofer, (b. 1932, d. 1991 in Basel), son of Sergei Vladimirovich (1901-1992)
  • Nikolai Mikailovich Obolensky (b 1956, Management author, professor, International Leadership expert)
  • Konstantin Vladimirovich Obolensky, (b. 1971 in Liestal), Swiss ambassador to Armenia 2011-2013.

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